This project consist of two parts, the theatre production, and an accompanying mobile digital experience. The production’s actors and musicians guide an audience on foot through the lower Annex neighbourhood (bordered by Brunswick ave, Bloor St, Palmerston Ave. and Harbord St). Most of the story will be told from twelve porches, where audiences will be hear a new chapter like a congregation being lifted up by a gospel choir. The Postman will be developed and written in a workshop environment by members Appledore Productions, with the cast being drawn from members of Appledore and a collection of youth collaborators.


Audiences at the production and tuning in from home can gain access to the mobile experience, which will be information portal, navigation guide and box office. Accessible on both Android and iPhone,, the website will contain program and cast information as well as a plot summary and historical background information on the play and the neighbourhood. A page will act as the map of the different locations visited throughout the production and include interactive elements – allowing users and audience members to explore additional material about the production and the company.