Many members of our company have been involved with the production since its inception in 2012. Members of the cast play several roles, with musicians pitching in where necessary. Our award-winning company members include:

  • Claire Armstrong: 2014 Dora Best Acting award for After Miss Julie directed by David Ferry
  • Writer Lisa Codrington, a co-recipient of the K.M. Hunter Artist Award, has been nominated for the Governor General’s Award for Drama and a Dora award for ensemble performance
  • Producer David Ferry received the Toronto Theatre Critics Award for Best Actor for Blackbird
  • Christo Graham won Best Emerging Artist in 2013 for Entitlement by Sugith Varughese directed by David Ferry
  • Joseph Jomo Pierre was a 2013 Governor General’s Literary Award finalist for Shakespeare’s Nigga
  • Maurice Dean Wint is a Dora award winner for Featured Performance in Courageous

THE PERFORMERS Writers & Composers Production Team



Led by Artistic Director David Ferry, Appledore Productions uncovers stories with challenging theatrical potential that celebrate the fantastic fusion of the cultures making up Canada’s identity. It develops ambitious theatre creations, and specializes in delivering site specific and found space productions. Ferry, who works on a project-by-project basis and assembles ad-hoc groups of artists based on the needs of each project, has worked consistently with writers, musicians, directors, and actors in various capacities for over 25 years.

Appledore worked dramaturgically with authors Alex Poch Goldin on The Life of Jude and Sugith Varughese on Entitlement, both of which were both produced as part of the Summerworks Festival in 2013. Its works for the Luminato Festival include Cellular, for which Ferry created and produced six site-specific pieces using cellular phones, and a 2012 workshop staging of Daniel MacIvor’s Inside, which was commissioned by the festival.

It commissioned, developed and co-produced the premiere of Tom Walmsley’s Blood, which received Factory Theatre: Chalmers Award and Dora nominations, subsequently developing a film treatment for Malo Films. It has worked with writers as the dramaturge for several new works including Ojibwa playwright Drew Hayden Taylor’s world premiere of Alternatives (winner of Alaska State University Play-writingg Award); Paul Ledoux and David Smyth on the musical Walk Like a Man; and, Mary Jane Cruise on Separate Beds (which Appledore subsequently produced in 2004).

Appledore has worked in partnership with Preface Theatre in Bogata, Columbia, on an adaptation of James Reaney’s short story Box Social (presented in Toronto); with Chas Thorne on One Hit Wonder; Jamie Murphy on Seaside Dive; and Paulino Nunes on Rodeo Star (produced in Victoria in 2004).

Five developmental workshops of Florence Gibson’s Missing, which won the 2005 Herman Voaden play writing competition, were facilitated by Appledore. Missing was subsequently produced as part of Factory Theatre’s 2008-2009 season, and was the subject of a staged reading by the 49th Parallel Company in Los Angeles.