Our creative intention is to give artists the opportunity to explore the aesthetic of promenade collective creation with a politically focused and entertainment endgame in mind. The artists are asked to consider, how does ensemble work in this format?

The Postman

Project director and co-creator David Ferry has done a fair amount of site-specific work, found space creation, and outdoor theatre. The former artistic director of the Resurgence Theatre Company, he participated in Summerworks’ 2012 Making and Breaking workshop on site-specific and found space theatre, and drew from that experience to investigate potential solutions to the challenges presented by this project.

The constituency for this project is the city of Toronto, particularly its Black community. We believe this story is a great story of a community within a community and an inspirational one. We also believe the piece will be important to the neighbourhood we perform it in, the same neighbourhood where Albert Jackson delivered mail, the same neighbourhood in which he lived. In fact, Albert Jackson owned several houses in this area over the years, and we include his first house in our Brunswick Avenue performances.

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